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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

FEVER DREAM the musical

Tickles the sensors.........

FEVER DREAM the musical from FLAMES YATES on Vimeo.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Hardy Flips @ Fronton

First day shooting in canaries09 - project times with Hardy and EBB

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Monday, 14 September 2009


something worth watching. nice production skills mixed with noice DK skills.

Monday, 7 September 2009

HOLIDAYS - Spainish Reef times

Hooked up with Simon Murphy for a few waves at a solid little nugget of a wave.

HOLIDAYS- Reggae Surf Camel with RAWDS

ReggaeSurfCamel with RAWDS from phluidphilms on Vimeo.

fun times with RAWDS and his Camel in France


sorry havent been online much, been working in london. crazy times.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Old School Session - El Quemao Last Session for 2008

Little fun edit i did over the weekend....... it was a pretty ordinary day conditions wise, but a few of the fellas hadnt been together for a long time nor ridden a bodyboard for 10 years! hehe was fun times........

Pa Rise/For a Laugh - LastQuemaoSession2008/ultimo bano del 2008 from phluidphilms on Vimeo.


MIKE STEWART "I have been refining this design for quite some time now and I am really stoked how they finally came out. I have tried just about every fin ever made and I am comfortable saying that these are my favorite.”

MS VIPER’s feature:

* Wider, shorter blade design for quick acceleration.

* Beveled sidewalls improve control.

* Delta tail design; which I have found to enhance control and minimize drag.

* Maximum foot pocket drainage eliminates any sand or pebbles in your kick.

* Rivet grip tread enhances footing on slippery rocks yet won’t snag on coral or sharp objects.

* All VIPER surfing fins float high and are visible in the roughest surf conditions.

* All VIPER surfing fins are made of superior 100% natural rubber compounds.

* Boxed in a sturdy recycled cardboard and printed with soy base ink.


I few personal notes based on a production sample I got my hands on:

* short & quick, I didn’t compare but they are closer to a 5 than a 7

* as all Vipers are, they will be symmetrical and work on either foot

* lot’s of drainage!

* To get a better idea of the shape picture the Delta Tail on an MS 1 applied to a fin.


Saturday, 20 June 2009


Its coming, and here are the 16 invited riders who will be challenging one of the worlds most feared waves. A wave who's mission is to bruise and crush ones outer shell. This wave makes no apologies for beatings. It loves dishing out pain and it loves the taste of blood. It senses the fear in every rider, punishing those who show it the most. It is only those who inject shear adrenalin into the very veins that pumps ones ability to block out the mental game that Shark Island plays. It is this rider that will become the 2009 NOMAD Shark Island Challenge champion.

The riders chosen for this years Nomad Shark Island Challenge best represent the talent of today's everyday bodyboarder, riders that thrive for Bodyboarding, whether they are tour riders, free surfers, blue collar workers or just self confessed freaks.

It is these people that when brought together truly perceive what the sport is all about.

The chosen invitees have been categorized into five groups. They are........

The Nomad Shark Island Challenge 2009 - Locals and Invites to go Head to Head from Limited Edition on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

MEXICO DREAMING 2.- Pablo Gustems

Pablo scoring Mexico AGAIN!

So I'm back in LONDON for some work times, but i know where i wish i was...

"Seamus tio, hoy ha sido uno de los mejores dias de sufing de mi vida!!!! ESTABA ULTRA PERFECTO TIO, ESTO ES EL PARAIIIIIIIIIIIISOOOOO JAJAJA.

mira q foto me cuadro" an email from Pablo "Makina" Gustems

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

River Times - Viking Style

What better thing to do on a lovely sunny saturday afternoon, than cruise the river Isa with three viking buddies, drink beer, look at nature, drink more beer, constantly pump the boat up as the mighty ss sherry had a hole, drink more beer, ride the gnarly rapids and play limbo with tree branches in a boat and eventually capsize, losing phones wallets and cameras and more importantly the BEER ENGINE, then having to search the river bed and find only 2 beers and all the cameras and phones.

Alas we still had another 2 hour trip downstream to our pick up point, we stopped along the way and raped and pillaged a riverside restaurant for more beer and as the sun set we froze until we made the pick up point and no phone to call, so we carried the SS Sherry an hour through the forest up the hills and down the street to her final resting place and a big big fire and more beer.

SS Sherry, what a beautiful ship! She was powered by a 12 stroke engine of fine Bavarian Beer.

the vikings
doing what vikings do best

extreme powerboat white water rafting yewww

Friday, 12 June 2009

Published Recent Work - French Bodyboard mag #85

not my shot-no cover love for me :( but check inside


txt & photos SeamusMakim additional photos
Winter in Canary Islands pg1
Winter in Canary Islands pg2
Winter in Canary Islands pg3
Winter in Canary Islands pg4
Winter in Canary Islands pg5
Winter in Canary Islands pg6

SEAMUS MAKIM interview
txt & Photos: SeamusMakim
seamus makim interview pg1
seamus makim interview pg2
seamus makim interview pg3

ohh and an OGM Bodyboardshop ADD
I shot ;)

OGM BODYBOARDING - PierreLouisCostes

Get Ya Sauna On & Your Kit Off

Well not only does Germany have great beer, pork belly rolls & bouldering but also the biggest Spa & Sauna water park in Europe!

After all that bouldering, nothing beats a nice relaxing hot sauna and spa....naked. Not only you naked about about another 5 or 600 other people walking around stark bollock naked in this giant glass greenhouse full of pools, spas, different sauna treatment rooms, resting places, massage chairs and an artifical beach. Sitting, swimming, talking, laughing, sweating and drinking in the pool at the bar.

pool bar yeahh

I laughed when my Girlfriend said "no you cant wear boardshorts, you have to be naked and take a towel"... "oh shit she is serious", I think as I see a couple walk past us totally naked.

Now for me, a true blooded aussie this isnt normal. "We dont have anything like this back home" I said trying to shrug it off as a middle aged couple were walking towards me with all their bits out. Its pretty confronting when you have never been exposed to this before, and in OZ you would get abused or arrested if you went into a sauna naked. It was a totally eye opening experience, and pretty veird (german for weird). However I did it, and you know after two hours of cruising around checking it all out and doing a few saunas and a frolic in the pool and a few drinks at the bar in the pool, it wasnt that bad.

Everyone was so comfortable with themselves and cool and just keept to themselves and relaxed. What's crazy is that everyone is so at ease with themselves inside, naked cruising around, but in the changing rooms everyone puts on their clothes, does their hair, puts on makeup and put so much effort in looking good to go back in to the real world, a world of how its important how you look,such a weird contrast.

I highly recommend it, its so damn relaxing and admit it we all love to get around in the nud, this place you can do it, swim, realx, drink, and even meet a nice young lady or man whatever your persuasion. Happy Naked Days ;)

yeahhhhh get ya sauna on and ya kit off!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I wake this morning dreaming of surfing..... something anything...The river wave in Munich just isnt cutting it though. I get out of bed and check my emails and i get this from super grom PABLO GUSTEMS (Lanzarote), braving swine flu and travelling solo...........

SEAMUUUS!! llevo 3 dias en _____!!! esto es el paraiso, el primer dia gigante 3 metros y medio fui a otra playa a media hora caminando, medio metro perfecto derecha izquierda tubo rampa! ahora llevo dos dias cogiendo ______ 2 metros increible!! da mucho mieeeedo! jajaja comeer muchooo!
tu que tal tio? al final vienes aqui?
cuidate estamos en contactoo!

Basicaly he says its pumping, no one there, what are you doing? you coming?.......
Its ever so tempting
mexico dreaming.........

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


A very interesting doco on our environment and climate change. the best part is from 1:20:00 onward where they actually talk about some of the solutions and not just the problems.

some may say this is propoganda and scare tactics, others preach this every chance they can, but the reality is, things have changed in our environment and we as humans have contributed to that.

Its only logical and to think more about how we consume and how we live our ways of life and how we could do it better with having less of an impact on the environment and to save money and resources through more sustainable green technology.

anyway watch it, it puts alot into perspective.

Cover Times

A sneaky recent cover I shot. Yewww Diogo, El Quemao and Vert Magazine - Portugal

corey comes to visit........

so im here in Germany, Munich to be precise, land of beer and pork belly rolls mmmm pork belly. I havent surfed for over two months nor even seen the ocean for all that time, which is weird, but happy days at least I got beers and bouldering ;)

all chalked up and ready to get my boulder on

see the rock man and ballet times

worship the rock man and the forest fairy

deep in the forest

corey oliver... a man of many many talents

as the forest darkens its time to leave and......

grab another beer from the esky ;)

viene verano... little edit from an ordinary day in La Santa, Islas Canarias

join the cycle and follow the phlow......

So I begin to post what is happening in my world, our world, its cycle and the phlow.